Thanksgiving can ruin your whole year diet plan and hard work of burning calories. In this blog we are going to share some tips which will save you from over-eating from this thanksgiving.

Don’t get yourself too much hungry:

It is a common behavior which people usually does is to skip their regular meals for thanks-giving. This is an inappropriate behavior and it causes overeating. When you skip your regular meals it drops your sugar levels and makes you feel hungry and on the Thanks-giving table it gets you burst on food. So take your regular meals such as breakfast and lunch.

Consume light snacks while preparing food:

Preparing the thanks giving dinner is a very large headache and it also consumes your lot of energy. It also explodes your taste buds and excitement level to eat that food. To avoid yourself from getting tired and over excited keep yourself calm from light snacks like eating sweet corn, popcorns, cracker and whatever which you like but make sure it is not deep frayed.

Make a perfect platter:

Thanks giving dinner is not a hazard for your diet issue. The issue is with your choice. The more efficiently you choose to balance your plate with different things the more perfect diet will you get. Most of the Thanks giving dinner relies on sugary desserts, high fat things like sauces and processed snacks. According to experts your 50% of the plate must contain vegetables and the 25% percent goes to the meat (turkey) and the other 25% goes to those nutrients which are rich in carbohydrates.

Do not eat too fast

According to experts most of the people over eats when they are standing and eating quickly. Because your brain needs almost 20 mins to recognize that your stomach is full. So sit down properly and eat slowly with full of joy. Feel every bite of satisfaction. It will also make your dinner perfect and calm plus also save you from over eating.

Take small bites and chew slowly:

Do not get bigger bites and swallow without chewing properly it will cause the digestion more difficult. Always take small bites and chew until the food turns into a very blend liquid paste then swallow it.

Do Not Forget Others.

Thanksgiving is the moment of joy and spreading happiness. Do not get yourself busy in eating only. Engage in conversation with guests. Help others to pass the dishes and anything they want. This strategy will make you eat less and spread the joys more.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. May God keep blessing you and fulfill all your wishes and dreams.

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